Hooked on Core

I had my first core synchronism treatment back in the late 90’s.

I was having terrible back pain, although that’s not why I went. I was told this magical woman could fix a broken heart. I was certain that’s what I had, so I made an appointment.

I slipped off my shoes and laid down on the massage table.

She touched my toes and said my air element was off. I had no idea what that meant, but I was glad she could do something about it. Next she placed her hands on my heart. She found nothing to be concerned about and I was oddly disappointed. I was sure it needed fixing. She continued with her treatment and when she placed her hands on my low back she asked, “What happened?” I was shocked. I hadn’t told her anything about my back.

I explained the pain I was having, the constant adjustments.

I told her all about the various treatments I tried, weary that nothing would ever help. Her eyes sparkled at the challenge. She began to work. Her touch was gentle, barely noticeable at times. Soon strange sensations permeated my body. She explained that there was no energy flowing from my waist down, which is why the adjustments wouldn’t hold, but now there was a nice fluid movement throughout my body.

I felt amazing after that treatment.

My back pain had been eliminated. That’s when I knew with absolute certainty that I needed to learn how to do this work, and I did. It took me several years to complete six levels of core synchronism training to become certified. I added a craniosacral class along the way. It made me appreciate the wisdom of the body, and the innate ability to heal even more. I understand the power of intention, and how therapeutic it can be.

I let go of the fear of a scary diagnosis, the label one gets when something has become chronic.

I let the body tell the story to my hands. My hands respond, offering corrections, creating a space for healing.

If you are curious, but don’t know what to address that’s fine too. There is always something to work on. Energy is constantly shifting and changing, affecting us in various ways. Distance treatments are available too. Energy knows no boundaries.