Healing with Hand Medicine

What are your feelings about energy healing, or hand medicine?

Energy healing is the ability to effect change in the body with the slightest touch or focused attention. I am an energy healer. Those are big words, and not ones I’ve always been comfortable with. I have been given many labels throughout my life; empath, medical intuitive, clairsentient. They all boil down to the same thing:

I feel energy.

Once upon a time that was overwhelming. When I was around other people I felt their issues as my own making it seem as though I had a lot of problems. Structured training and years of practice have shown me how to focus and separate your energy from mine, which allowed my awareness to expand. This is how I choose to help people.

Why would you want a healing energy treatment? 

The reasons people make an appointment are broad, and include everything from being stuck in a negative emotion to having physical pain. My hands feel what is happening in the body. Sometimes I get images, but they are often reminiscent of dreams. I get bits and pieces, like a puzzle trying to take shape. They are clues that show me how to help you, but mostly I feel.

I feel patterns and currents, rivers in and out of the body. I feel sensations of heat and cold, telling me an area has excessive energy or that it is deficient. I feel energy centers, or chakras, and many other things.

The body tells a story to my hands and my hands respond by offering corrections.

Some people refer to their treatments as a tune-up. Others come often because they enjoy the overall clarity and balance they feel reflected in their bodies and their lives. One thing is certain, there is always plenty of work to do with hand medicine.