The Importance of Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body.  The seven major chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra.  They correspond to different body parts.  They govern certain functions, and can be associated with various elements.  They all have a job to do, and since we are talking about the body it’s safe to say they are all related.  Think of it like the motor in your car.  One part is not more important than another.  They all need to be operating smoothly if you want your vehicle to work well.  The same holds true for your energetic body.

A vibrant functioning chakra has a strong spin, but sometimes that spin gets reversed.  It may have a wobble, or no movement at all.  The easiest example to give is in relation to the solar plexus.  This chakra is associated with the fire element and can be felt over the belly button.  This chakra participates in digestion, stomach and bowel functions.  If the fire chakra is weak, stuck, or imbalanced problems can manifest and interrupt those functions.

The list of what causes a chakra to function improperly is long and encompasses everything from physical trauma, strong emotional patterns, or even how stress is dealt with.

Correcting a chakra can be relatively simple, but as I stated before one thing is connected to another and the simple can become more complex depending on the situation.  Take the throat chakra for example, imbalances in this chakra might be expressed as a sore throat or swollen glands to name a few, but underneath that there might be a fear of expression, or an inability to communicate.  In this situation it can be helpful to make sure the throat chakra is balanced, but nurturing that ability to effectively communicate is going to require attention as well.  What comes first, correcting the chakra or learning to express yourself?  I would correct the chakra first because it will make the entire process easier.

The energetic body is constantly in flux.  There is always work to do.  Each time someone has a treatment the body tends to responds faster.  More corrections can be made, and before long a strong relationship with the energetic body has been established.  People know when they need balancing.  You bring your car in for regular maintenance, why not treat yourself with the same care?