Integrated Hypnotherapy


Integrated hypnotherapy is taking pieces from traditional hypnosis sessions and combining it with energy healing. Sometimes I call it hypno-core, a little hypnosis mixed with core synchronism.

Hypnosis is often very body centered.

Clients mentally scan their bodies for areas of concern, finding the issue they want to work with. When I studied hypnosis I found that I wanted to assist in a way that I couldn’t by simply guiding the sessions, so I began combining it with healing work I already knew.

Typically I will ask a client to schedule a minimum of two sessions.

The first session is for energy healing. A lot can be done with that alone, and it gives me a better understanding of what the client is dealing with. This also allows the client to get use to me. They know what to expect, where I’m located, what my room is like, etc… It is very helpful to settle any anxieties so relaxation can be achieved.

In the second session I use relaxation techniques and energy healing.

When the client is sufficiently relaxed I begin to ask questions that lead to the area of concern. When I say area of concern I don’t necessarily mean a physical ailment. Sometimes it’s that way, but often times clients have goals that don’t appear to have anything to do with the body. A client may want to feel more confident. It doesn’t really matter what the goal is. There is an emotion attached to it, and that emotion can be felt in the body.


Let’s pretend this client feels restriction in their stomach, which is blocking self-confidence. In their mind’s eye this restriction is black and heavy. It looks like a jagged rock. As they experience this I may hold my hands over the stomach and assist that energy in releasing. When I participate in this way blocks are often released much faster.  This allows the client to move through a number of concerns in a shorter period of time.

You might be wondering if I provide traditional hypnosis sessions, which I no longer do.  My natural skills are more body centered. Integrating certain aspects from hypnosis, that easily flow into sessions I already offer, allows me to focus my energy and provide a better service to you.