Moving Beyond the Physical

There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding energy work.  When I explain to people that some of the work I do is in the energetic realm they often become skeptical.  They have even dropped the conversation by explaining they are Christians, and don’t believe in that.  I’ve always found that interesting since I’m a Christian too.  The truth is we are all energetic beings, and there is more to us than mere bodies.  Treating the mind, body, and spirit isn’t just a catch phrase for spa walls.  It’s a holistic approach to wellness.

I came to understand the importance of balanced energy when I was sick.  Severe allergies had me feeling flu-like year round.  Low back pain controlled my life, limiting everything I did.  The thing that motivated me to keep searching for better health was my age.  I was in my twenties and too young to be feeling so old.  Life led me to a massage school in New Mexico.  It was there that I learned being sensitive could be a real advantage in bodywork once I learned how to direct it.  Sensitivity without direction is like a feather in the wind.  This was apparent in my health.  Instead of observing energy I was like the feather getting tossed about by every feeling, claiming it as my own.

Perhaps you’ve have heard the phrase; cut the tension with a knife.  If you have ever felt that you were simply experiencing the energy of that environment.  When you left that situation you probably felt different.  The tension was gone.

When it comes to bodywork often times the practitioner will be looking for energy that is excessive or deficient, whatever is causing an imbalance.  Energy workers do not fall into a one size fits all category.  We all have different skills and sensitivities.  I often feel what is wrong with a client in my own body.  If you have a stomach ache, when I touch you, I might get a stomach ache.  The good news is I can acknowledge this as helpful information and dismiss it, freeing myself from your symptoms.  I use that information like a map, directing me to the problem.

Another sensation that is usually available comes in the form of temperature.  Moving my hands along the body I might feel heat in one area and cold in another.  This can show up when people complain of pain in two areas, like a shoulder and the opposite hip.

If you want to experience your own healing energy try rubbing your hands together briskly.  Feel the heat being generated.  Then move your hands apart about an inch.  Is there a tingling sensation? Now do it again.  This time when your hands become warm place them on the area of your body that could use a boost.  Notice the sensations you feel in your body when you do this.  Have fun, and enjoy participating in your healing journey.

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