What Are You Holding On To?

I’ve gotten in the habit of mentally asking my client’s spirit what it is ready to release and then observing what happens.

I did this recently and immediately saw steaming, smoldering garbage coming from the abdomen. There was a lot of it. Steam and smoke don’t usually go together, but there it was. It made me think of a heat condition, actually heat and dampness, like in Chinese medicine. I wondered how my client was feeling, but she was already asleep and I didn’t want to disturb her.

I observed this for about a minute or so until the garbage disappeared. What remained was a deep black pool. It looked like oil. It bordered on pretty, the shininess of it, but the sheer depth of it kept me at bay. I observed, and waited. I could see it wasn’t going to shift, change or release just because I was giving it attention. I asked if there was a message attached to the deep black pool.

Resentment came.

Mentally I asked what it needed to feel better.

Freshness, I was told.

In my mind I opened all the windows that appeared and let the fresh air in.

Nothing happened. The pool remained the same.

Stubborn, I thought. Hmmm…

Mentally I asked the pool if it was ready to go.

No, was the response.

Why? I asked

For future use, it said.

It is not for me to interfere with this process and so I left the pool as I found it for my client to attend to should she ever be ready. And that’s the thing to ask yourself. What am I unwilling to let go of even if it will make me feel better?

What are you really holding on to?