A Final Good-bye

She looked nice.  Her silvery white hair was a few shades lighter than her dress.  I can’t recall ever seeing her in a dress before.  I grabbed the holy water to make the sign of the cross on her body.  I’ve never liked doing that.  It feels awkward.  I wished her well on her journey, free of this earthly body.  That’s when I noticed several drops of holy water on her face.  My reaction was to wipe them off.  Her cheek was cold and waxy.  I stopped abruptly realizing I would likely make a mess of the make-up that had been applied.  I whispered an apology under my breath, then turned to extend my condolences to her daughter.  We hugged and talked for a moment, and then I felt her.  My aunt came floating past.  Her energy was strong and for a moment I got dizzy. I was impressed.  She was always such a quiet woman, but her essence was unmistakable.  It was as if she was standing there between us.  I didn’t mention it.  Her daughter seemed to have enough to take in, but I appreciated that moment, the final good-bye.

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