Using Intention to Heal

Prayer heals.

At one time or another you have probably been asked to pray for someone. This is done on faith, faith that your prayer will be heard and answered. When you become a conduit for healing energy faith becomes active. Using your intention to heal is powerful. Real change can occur, but it takes practice and sincere focus.

I place my hands on the body, close my eyes and wait.  

I am an empath, so I wait for my client’s energy body to respond to my touch. Sometimes that comes fast. Sometimes there is no response. That is also helpful. That usually means the energy is stuck. Conversations begin to flow between my mind and the body. “Show me,” I ask. “What do you need?”

The next part is fun because I always get an answer.

Healing with intention can be a lot like lucid dreaming. Images pop up. They can range from entertaining to frightening. I wait for them to appear so I can start directing with gentleness and patience. Images can take awhile to play out. Real time this is probably thirty seconds to a minute, but it feels much longer. It takes patience to watch images unfold. It takes patience to give the body room to adjust. It takes patience to hold this space and allow it to happen.

I often pray while working on a client.  

More often than not the prayers surprise me. The words seem to be planted in my head at just the right moment. I pray for things I have no knowledge of, things my client needs. The conversation continues. My hands feel the shifts. I notice warmth. I notice movement. I notice change.

There is never a fear my client will be overwhelmed.

The body and the spirit will only take what they are ready for. I know when to stop. The images disappear. The body gets quiet. Healing has occurred.

Anyone can use intention to heal, but you must be quiet.

You must allow yourself to connect in such a way you almost disappear. You must become fluid. You must listen. Listen and you will be directed. Listen and you can heal with your intention.