Body Image

Mostly I forget about the woman I used to be, but there are days I remember her. My goals have become health focused. I like the way I feel when I take care of myself. I like the energy I have. I appreciate good sleep. Those are my goals, not body image, not anymore. This... Continue Reading →


It was a 7 a.m. flight. The older man sitting next to me had silver in his hair and was sipping a whiskey coke. He gently nudged me with his elbow and said in a Southern drawl, "My wife told me to take her somewhere she's never been, so I grabbed her by the hand... Continue Reading →

A Lesson On Grounding

I am quickly remembering who I am. I didn't think I needed that, but maybe I do. I am remembering through my senses, vibration and energy. Public transit is harsh that way. Homelessness, mental illness, business suits and brief cases. You see it all from the window. Some of it comes within feet. That's the... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

I think it's safe to say I've done thousands of body work treatments in the past twelve years. In that time I've gotten many lessons on human nature. One of those lessons is about how people sometimes attach themselves to a story. The story always has one thing in common. It's dramatic. I attached myself... Continue Reading →

Donuts and Green Juice

I was nearly thirty-five when I went to massage school.  I had been a credit union employee for several years at that point.  My roots were in North Dakota.  I was raised on the family farm in the heart of cattle country. Self-care wasn't exactly taught.  Sit down and rest for a few minutes was... Continue Reading →

A New Dawn

I woke up early one morning, earlier than normal.  It was slightly irritating given the fact I didn't need to set an alarm that day.  I was looking forward to sleeping in, but by 5:30 my body was ready to get up. I reluctantly got to my feet and walked to the bedroom window.  I... Continue Reading →

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