A New Dawn

I woke up early one morning, earlier than normal.  It was slightly irritating given the fact I didn’t need to set an alarm that day.  I was looking forward to sleeping in, but by 5:30 my body was ready to get up. I reluctantly got to my feet and walked to the bedroom window.  I wanted to see what kind of day was waiting for me.  I slid the curtain open and saw a deep blanket of fog penetrating the yard.  I was jolted awake.  Nothing gets me more excited than the opportunity to get a good picture.  I grabbed my camera, slipped on a pair of shoes and headed out the door with bed head and pajamas.  This was better than sleeping in.

Fast forward a few weeks.  My continuing education requirements for massage are due this year.  I searched the internet for something different, something I could get excited about.  I closed my massage practice over a year ago.  I still do massage occasionally, but have no plans of opening another practice.  I decided on a Thai Massage class in Portland.  I drove by Portland once.  It was meant to be a creative detour, but just ended up being a long time in the car.  Maybe it was time for a proper visit.  Why not?  I am truly ready for a break from North Dakota anyway.  I booked the class.

Days before the class plans changed.  A series of miscommunication and a lack of information turned into a bundle of stress and a need for quick decisions.  Do I really need a massage license?  Should I keep my trip to Portland?  I’m pretty practical.  A trip without purpose isn’t something I normally indulge in.  Perhaps I should.  Perhaps I should invest in myself, – in my creativity.

The energy of North Dakota is all work and no play.  This energy has me drained.  Fresh ideas can’t come.  The fluidity is absent.  I need time to foster my creative spirit.  I need to  find a window that shows me something unexpected, like the blanket of fog that summer morning.  I need to let go of my plans and be open to seeing something different.  I am keeping my trip to Portland in full anticipation of a new dawn and fresh ideas.


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