Who Are You?

Who were you before they broke your heart?

I think it’s safe to say I’ve done thousands of body work treatments in the past twelve years. In that time I’ve gotten many lessons on human nature. One of those lessons is about how people sometimes attach themselves to a story. The story always has one thing in common. It’s dramatic.

I attached myself to a story for many years. It was about falling in love with a man who ended our relationship to become a priest. I lost two relationships, the one with him and the one I had with the church. It was a good story. People still like to hear about it, but thankfully I have moved on.

That experience was the catalyst for dramatic change in my life.

It catapulted me to another career in a different state. It was easy to define my life in terms of before this experience and after. The problem is the story wasn’t doing me any good.

Our bodies are amazing. We can tell them what to do and they will respond. I have screamed in fear, at a movie theater, while remaining perfectly safe in my chair.

I was caught up in the story. It seemed real.

My heart rate increased. I could feel blood pumping through my veins. My hands even felt clammy. I was having a sympathetic nervous system response. My body was ready to bolt. The story was real.

When you attach yourself to a story you tell your body what to experience.

You create a groove, attracting the same thing over and over. Disease, heartbreak, misfortune becomes the record you play, the vibration you send out to the world. You wave a bright red flag that says, over here! Send me more of that please!

Let go. As hard as it may be, let it go. Your anger may be justified. Your hurt is surely real, but who is suffering? You are. Start telling yourself a story that is filled with abundant happiness. Create a new groove, one that sees you on the path to success. Only you can define who you are.