Holiday Nostalgia

I have two more days before December, but I am ready. I’m ready for Christmas this year and I’m even excited about it. I have big plans to take my time, slow down, and enjoy the season. Nothing brings me closer to that then remembering all the holidays celebrated on my grandparent’s farm. Their house was small, but the love was big, and that has me feeling nostalgic.

Everyone came. The kitchen was full. The living room was full. We sat on the floor. We sat on the coal stove until the heat forced us off. We played cards. We carefully opened the candy jar to see what goodies grandma bought, snitching our favorites.

There was no wifi. There were no video games. There was only the small black and white television in the living room which wasn’t on anyway because there was company. The only phone hung on the wall, a distinctive avocado green. It didn’t ring on the holidays except calls from relatives that lived far away. Then it got passed around, stretching the cord, so everyone could talk.

They say we are advanced now, that we have everything. I don’t know about you, but I miss the everything I had back then. I miss the slowness and completeness of it all.  Everyone was present, living in the moment. That is what I call a real gift.  That is what I aim to be, fully attentive, present, and enjoying each and every moment.

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