Is There an App For That?

The frustration was in my shoulder. It felt like a block of wood. It looked irregular. That bothered me. I noticed that it bothered me and moved on, continuing to ask myself the same questions I do clients. There was improvement with each question and soon I felt relief. Energy is amazing. The ways in... Continue Reading →

Enduring Love

Kenny walked across the dining room to take his place at the kitchen table.“Ten years ago yesterday at four o’clock in the morning Betty woke me up. She had to use the bathroom. Her legs kept giving out and she couldn’t get there on her own, so I got out of bed and helped her.... Continue Reading →

Meditation For the Rest of Us

I’m not one to rush into the day. I need a translational period of solitude before hopping into the shower. I like to sip my coffee and stare into the darkness first. It might be the only opportunity I have all day to just be quiet. The Christmas season is a bonus period because there... Continue Reading →

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