Enduring Love

Meet my Uncle Kenny

He loved his wife Betty and she loved him

Kenny walked across the dining room to take his place at the kitchen table.“Ten years ago yesterday at four o’clock in the morning Betty woke me up. She had to use the bathroom. Her legs kept giving out and she couldn’t get there on her own, so I got out of bed and helped her. When she finished she looked at me and said that I better take her in. My mind was racing. I had no idea how I was going to get her to the car.  She had this scooter type chair that I could push to the door, but I didn’t know how I was going to get her down the steps. Eventually I figured it out, but I had to move quickly. She kept telling me I was moving too fast, but I had to.”  Kenny paused and ran his fingers through his silver hair. “We made it. I got her in the car. As I was pulling out of the garage she said this was going to be the last time she saw this place, and it was.”

His blue eyes met mine with sadness as a tender smile spread across his face.

“When she first started visiting me I got scared because I didn’t know who it was. It happened at night when I’d go to bed. I could feel the mattress go down, like someone was sitting there. I even swept my hand across the bed, but I never felt anyone.  After awhile I just got used to it.  She still comes.  She doesn’t stay long, but she still stops by.”

Enduring Love


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