Is There an App For That?

The frustration was in my shoulder. It felt like a block of wood. It looked irregular. That bothered me. I noticed that it bothered me and moved on, continuing to ask myself the same questions I do clients. There was improvement with each question and soon I felt relief. Energy is amazing. The ways in which it can get stuck are equally amazing. Learning to transform it has been an invaluable.

When I’m working with a client I present a certain skill set. I use what I learned as a massage therapist from a school that taught natural therapeutics. I call on my resources as a core synchronism practitioner. Last, but not least, I use some of that great knowledge from the summer I spent learning hypnosis.

Now add to that all the inner workings of me, the empath, the believer, the student and the teacher. I often pray while I’m working with a client, although that seldom comes up. In my mind I ask for assistance from healing entities, guardians and guides. I don’t see them. I’m not a medium, but I feel. I sense, and I respond.

Can this be taught? Not the technical stuff. There are plenty of options for that, and I know people can learn many thing, but does this hold enough interest to spend time learning? Do people want to build a relationship with themselves from an energetic standpoint? Is there enough patience available to work quietly within?

I’ve been frustrated. Connecting to people comes naturally to me. I like to help people feel better, but I’ve been competing against a busy world and its entertaining gadgets and devices, constantly occupying the mind. There is no app for establishing enough stillness to shift the energy that is causing pain, anxiety, or sadness. There is only patience and time. Don’t despair. There is magic too, some of the best, but it comes with some work attached to it. I think it’s worth it. Do you?

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