Nontraditional Healing

She’s not just a client, she’s a friend. I even lived with her for a couple of weeks when I unexpectedly found myself homeless, but I digress. This is a story about nontraditional healing, but I need to start at the beginning.

I think it’s safe to say at one point I could be labeled as uptight. There were rules in life, rules I wholeheartedly respected. There was right and wrong, black and white. Around the age of nineteen things started to blur. My life became various shades of gray. My perception shifted. I found that circumstances had the power to flip my moral high horse on its back. I listened more. I observed, and I learned. More than anything I questioned what I knew.

Massage school altered my perception even more. Puzzle pieces came together. I found a new label as an empath. Twelve years and thousands of treatments later not much surprises me about healing. I have learned to be cautious of those claiming to cure. Healing has its own path and sometimes it is rather unorthodox, which brings me back to my friend.

The list of things she would like resolved are common; neck tension, back pain, an arthritic knee, and that pesky constipation problem. She was on a prescription medication that deteriorated her stomach lining. She believes that is partly to blame for the constipation, a weekly complaint.

At the beginning of every appointment we talk about progress and/or setbacks. Today she had a story about rapid progress that had nothing to do with my treatments. It was also good for a laugh.

She told me a story about the holidays and goodie trays at work. “They looked like pastries from the business next door, so I didn’t think anything of it, and they were big, not just bite-size. I had to have one. It tasted a little off, but it wasn’t bad.”

When she was nearly finished with this deluxe bar a startled coworker confronted her about eating this holiday treat. She didn’t understand his alarm until he told her they were made with marijuana.

“At first I was mad! I wanted to be that girl who could say I never once tried drugs, and then I just felt really high. I was so happy on the outside and completely relaxed on the inside. That night I shit four times!”

Alas, her constipation was resolved, for that day anyway. I have not heard of using marijuana this way, but it makes sense. Relaxation equals a functioning parasympathetic nervous system – rest and digest.

Does this fall into the category of healing? Once upon a time I would have said no, but today is different.

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