Taking Anxiety One Step At a Time

Anxiety One Step At A Time

Sometimes nature gives timely reminders about the order of things, but I wasn’t thinking about that when I grabbed my camera to catch a few shots of the fog. I wasn’t thinking about anxiety either, but that came too.

The perfect picture was always just a few more steps away, and soon I had ventured far enough from the house that I could no longer see it. That’s when I started thinking about anxiety, something I struggled with for years.

I couldn’t see the house.

I wasn’t scared.

I knew it was there.

It was just out of sight, but with each step I took toward the house more of it came into view. I didn’t need the whole picture. I just needed to take one step at a time to get clarity.

When I work with clients, teaching body awareness techniques, and doing energy healing often times energy is swirling at the top of their head or stuck. When their awareness shifts back to their body a sense of grounding occurs. The chatter stops and answers come because they are centered and focused.

The walk that had me chasing after the perfect picture was a great reminder that anxiety is best dealt with one step at a time.