Ten Tips for Reducing Anxiety Naturally

People are more anxious than ever. It would seem that anxiety has become a way of life. If that’s true then we need to look at our daily habits and routines and start making adjustments. There are things to add and probably more to take away. Ten tips for reducing anxiety are things I have done and continue to do. Mindfully choosing what we expose ourselves to is a great place to start.

  1. Give yourself a break from your phone. Adjust your settings so you only get notifications for things that really matter.  Constant alerts have people chasing after their phones like Pavlo’s dogs looking for a reward. Control your phone. It shouldn’t control you.
  2. Unfriend or Unfollow those people on social media who make you feel anxious. You know who I’m talking about. Don’t worry about offending them. This is your sanity we are taking about. Notice how you feel once you disconnect yourself from them. Chances are there will be a sense of relief.
  3. Minimize your intake of gluten, sugar, caffeine, and processed food. The effects they have on the body can feel like anxiety. They can also interrupt sleep. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. A good night’s rest can fix a lot of things.
  4. Do food allergy testing. You may have food sensitivities that are affecting your mood. They may also be causing inflammation which can trigger numerous negative responses in the body. I have learned that I am very chemically sensitive. I buy organic whenever possible. That adjustment alone has lessened my sense of agitation, and general discomfort.
  5. Check out adaptogen herbs like ashwagandha and rhodiola. They help the body deal with stress. You may even drop a few pounds as a bonus. You can’t lose weight when your cortisol, (stress hormones) are elevated. They are lovely herbs that take the edge off and can bring about a sense of balance.
  6. There is a saying, work with your hands it frees the mind. Do the dishes old school, in the sink, or clean the toilet. I used to joke that if you want to live in the moment clean the toilet. It’s hard to be anywhere else. Chores can be great remedies for getting out of our heads and back into our bodies.
  7. On that note: Get back into your body. Get a massage. Take a yoga class. Practice breathing. Notice your feet, just get out of your head. Hold the plank position for thirty seconds. You will become aware of your body immediately. Anxiety causes worry about things that may or may not be happening, often in regard to the future. When you become aware of your body you are coming back to the present.
  8. Ask yourself what is actually happening. I’ve caught myself projecting into the future, worrying about everything from health to retirement, and then I stop and ask myself what is actually happening in this moment? When I come back to the moment I realize I was working on a grocery list, or getting ready to sort laundry, generally something very ordinary and doable.
  9. Discover homeopathic remedies. There are a lot of great combination formulas for stress, sleep, and mood that take the guesswork out of finding a suitable match. Homeopathy works on the theory that like treats like. They are safe, easy to use, and an absolute must for me. They can be found in natural grocery and health stores, or you can see a homeopath. I did, and it was life changing.
  10. Sniff out your least favorite essential oil. My teacher always said that the one you like the least is the one you need the most. I hated lavender. People use it for sleep among many other things, but I couldn’t stand it. Now it’s one of my favorites. Essential oils can have immediate effects and be a great tool for calming and refocusing.

These are ten simple tips for reducing anxiety naturally. There are more, but this is a good place to start. Some will be easier than others. Lining up food allergy testing requires more time and effort, but each piece offers a better understanding of what you need and what is going to work for you.

May healing be yours!