The Hidden Part of Healing

Have you ever worked diligently on a puzzle only to find that you are missing a piece? It’s so disappointing. That one piece would complete the picture, and it’s just not the same without it. As an energy healer I search for pieces to complete the picture and help clients heal.   

My husband accidentally hung himself as a child.

He remembers slipping the rope around his neck then coming to on the floor with family members crying around him. He tells the story with a sense of detachment. “It was easy,” he said. It just got dark and then he was awake, but as an energy healer I wanted to correct that trauma even if he didn’t view it as traumatic. I searched the obvious, his neck. I didn’t find much, or should I say, I didn’t find anything alarming. Doubt crept in. Maybe I just couldn’t feel it. Maybe my skills feel short, but every time I worked on him I searched for it. 

What was hidden was revealed.

Years later I attended level five of core synchronism training. It was fun material to learn. I was excited about practicing between classes, and my husband was happy to be on the receiving end. I wasn’t thinking about his neck as I followed the instructions in my binder. I was working my way through the chakra system and was on his solar plexus. I wanted to feel each element within the chakra. I checked each one silently; earth…water…fire…I was somewhere between fire and air when my husband started coughing so hard he nearly gagged. He turned on his side. I thought he might vomit. The cough was intense. This went on for several minutes. He was exhausted when it finally subsided. 

His eyes were red and watery. “What did you do to me?” He asked. 

“I found where you hung yourself.” The trauma was not in his neck. It was deep within his solar plexus, (the stomach area). 

This is a lesson I have learned repeatedly over the years. Bodies can do whatever they want. They can hide stuff wherever they want. It doesn’t have to make sense, and it often doesn’t.

I don’t know.

I say that a lot to clients. You would think after years of training and thousands of treatments I would have answers, but that’s not how it works because we all process differently. We think differently. We feel differently, and we have different energetic and physical responses. It is one of the reasons I like to teach people to do this work on themselves. 

When you are quiet and centered you can find the trauma, blocks, or issue faster than I can. 

When I am doing energy healing I focus on my client’s goal; better sleep, less pain, reduced stress, etc…I don’t have an all-encompassing sense of every issue related to the problem. I have multiple tools, but I also have a logical mind that wants to put things in order. Sometimes the mind gets in the way. 

When I teach body awareness using meditation, hypnotherapy techniques, and energy healing things happen faster. People get to the source quickly, and they make progress. 

Energy healing is not magic. 

I wish it was. I’ve heard about miraculous healings. I’m sure you have to. They exist, but the average appointment doesn’t look or feel miraculous or magical. It often looks like relaxation. It feels like relief. Sometimes symptoms even get worse as corrections are made. Energy can be very subtle to the point of being unnoticeable so why correct it?

Correcting energy is key to releasing patterns that, over time, can present as physical symptoms like headaches, poor digestion, hip pain, etc…Think of steady rain that eats at a road and creates a rut. If the rut doesn’t get fixed it will deepen to the point that it becomes impossible to drive on. People tend to take action when the discomfort that is being felt interferes with daily activities. The rut has formed. This can take more than an hour to fix. I understand that in the world we currently live in people have become accustomed to having things instantly, but instantaneous healing doesn’t come in an app. Energy healing isn’t a quick, permanent fix either. That’s why, again, I like to empower clients to learn techniques so that they help themselves. Issues that have gone on for years take time and awareness to correct, but what a wonderful tool to have. 

The next time a problem has you stumped: Why am I so angry? Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t they find the source of my pain? Know that you have the answer inside waiting to be heard and released. Are you ready to uncover the hiding spot?