Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account

I deactivated my Facebook account last week.

I thought I would struggle. I haven’t. Instead of feeling disconnected I feel blessed, a blessing that has always been within my grasp. This has been a revelation of sorts. It was easy. It was free, and it was mine to take. The surprise comes in how good it actually feels. It’s like stepping into the cool night air after leaving a party. Relief sets in as the chatter fades. Deactivating my account came as a much needed breath of fresh air.

I deactivated my account for many reasons.

There are the obvious ones. Many people feel better after taking a break from social media. The vast amount of opinions can be hard to take, but I had a more personal reason. I am very sensitive to energy, and the energy on my Facebook news feed hasn’t been good for a long time. In the past when it got to be too much, or when the opinions became too loud, I would step away and leave my account alone. A few days would pass and I was ready to check back.

Last week was different. 

Last week I posted a few photos when I was having an especially good day. I was feeling fantastic. My energy level was high. I was happy, but something interesting happened right after I published my post. My energy level plummeted. I felt grumpy and disconnected. A headache came on. The sharp contrast caught my attention. It brought me back to all the years I spent as a massage therapist. My energy got hacked. 

I have never been good at protecting my energy.

Some healers out there say it isn’t necessary. Others warn that protecting yourself daily is vital. I tend to go about my life and deal with what happens. If never leaving the house was an option there are days I would take it, but staying home isn’t the answer either. Energy can still get hacked. I was alone when I posted those pictures. The headache was my first sign. It came on like a freight train. Negative energy gives me those headaches. 

Stepping away for a few days wasn’t the answer.

My headache persisted. I used every trick in the book to clear myself, but the relief was short-lived. I felt caught in a spiderweb of energy. Instinct told me to quietly shut the door to my life. Pull the curtain and retreat. I thought about deleting my account, but decided to give deactivation a try first.

I felt improvement moments after I hit deactivate. 

The sticky spiderweb was gone. Peace came back. The headache faded throughout the day and eventually disappeared completely. Relief.

Energy is an interesting thing.

It can change in seconds. Part of me wonders if relief came from doing something physical like selecting deactivate, or from the act of energetically disconnecting. I guess it doesn’t really matter. The end result is what I hoped for.  

Will I activate my account in the future?

Maybe, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I have a sense of cohesiveness. I feel very present and grounded. My phone sits on the counter, away from me, most of the day. I don’t miss it, in fact; I get nostalgic when I think about the days of the avocado green, rotary dial phone on the wall. It was a tool for connecting, not a lifestyle choice. Deactivating happened when you hung up. It was much simpler then, but it can be simple now. It was easier than I thought. It was a choice, a choice I was free to make. It is one you can make too.