Energy Healing for the Thyroid

I’m just like you. I struggle.

Sometimes I hear those old programs leaking into my consciousness; If it isn’t one damn thing it’s another. Depending on the day I might indulge in beliefs like this, but then I quickly move on. Negativity doesn’t help and it certainly isn’t improving my weight. 

My weight has always been an issue, but as the years slip by keeping my weight balanced has proven to be quite challenging. My old tricks aren’t working, and by that I mean a fairly strict diet and daily exercise. What am I missing? 

Last weekend I could feel frustration radiating through my body when I stepped on the scale.

I saw a two pound weight gain. I had some rice the previous day. A small portion of rice does not constitute a two pound weight gain. I was upset. I sat down on the couch to better observe the frustration. It was too large to ignore. I began to ask questions. What did it feel like? Where was the frustration located? Did it have a color? It quickly diminished with some attention, so I shifted my focus to healing work. The thyroid became priority number one. I decided to check on it every day to see exactly what was going on.

Energy is constantly changing.

I love energy work, and my general ability to use it has greatly expanded over the last fifteen years. What I don’t love is that it’s constantly changing. Someone once compared it to showering. You can’t take one shower in a lifetime and call yourself clean, and so it is with energy work. One treatment is seldom ever the cure. This is especially true if a condition is chronic. 

Chronic conditions are like deeply embedded paths.

I grew up on a farm and walked through the pastures regularly. There were distinct paths the cows followed. Years later, after all the cows had been sold, those paths were still there. It reminds me of chronic conditions. Issues with the thyroid are often chronic and require diligent care and continuous action. There is no quick fix. Sitting on the couch seemed like a good enough time to start working on that path.

Day one 

I closed my eyes and took my awareness to my thyroid. I let it expose itself instead of searching where I thought it should be. The energy of my thyroid was high in my mouth. This isn’t where it belongs. It began to shift with my attention which allowed me to clear it enough so that it went back to it’s original place in the throat. In my mind I asked what was keeping it so high. I was guided to my brain. I saw strings. They quickly disappeared. Day one was complete.

Day two

The energy of my thyroid crept back up, but had not gone into my mouth. It quickly repositioned with my awareness. 

The next several days showed improvement including two days that I didn’t have to make any adjustments, then I got upsetting news.

A routine dental appointment turned into a discussion about a treatment plan that will cost thousands of dollars. The frustration came back. When it dissipated I checked in with my thyroid. It was aggravated. The energy was sporadic and higher than it should be, but a correction was made after a few minutes. 

When I’ve checked in with my thyroid since that day I’ve noticed that sometimes it seems sleepy or sluggish. Sometimes it’s slightly out of position, but each day corrections are made easily, and within minutes. A routine has been established.

What did I learn?

I learned that if I want to see physical improvement I need to check in with my body on a daily basis. This isn’t so much a revelation as it is a reminder of the diligence required for lasting change.

Emotion affected my thyroid a lot.

I was surprised at how much emotion affected the energy of my thyroid. The throat chakra is about communication which is also the area of the thyroid. Knowing this and sensing this turned out to be two very different things. When I made a point to feel the energy of my thyroid in the midst of being upset the ripple effect was eye opening. Emotion affected my thyroid a lot.

Will I see weight loss?

That remains to be seen. Energetic change can happen quickly, but the physical manifestation is often slower. If people lost weight on the table during a session I would never want for another client again. It takes time for the body to adjust. 

Can you work on yourself?

I am happy to say that you can. Body awareness takes practice, and just like anything the more you practice the easier it becomes. Each individual will sense energy differently. There is no right or wrong way. I generally feel things first, but in the past several years images have started to appear more readily.

Energy work can provide real and lasting change. It is a useful tool for self-healing and it can be yours. Don’t forget, it is also necessary to support your body with good choices you have the power to make every day.