Listening Through Body Awareness

Imagine a sweet baby with reddish hair and big blue eyes. This baby has been busy learning. He’s discovered his voice. He’s on the brink of crawling, and everything he grasps goes directly to the mouth. This baby is on the move, and he’s my grandson. Watching him discover things has brought a sense of wonder back into my life. We are both learning. Recently he’s taught me the power of stillness which I have applied to listening through body awareness.

How does a baby on the move teach stillness?

When I put my mouth to his ear and whisper all motion stops. His body becomes quiet. His breathing slows. There is no movement. His mom laughs as she notices how his eyes have widened. His attention is on the whisper, not a muscle is moving. 

What exactly am I whispering?

I’m telling him all things true, that he’s sweet, beautiful and I love him, but it’s not the words so much as the tone that has captivated his attention. 

Body awareness takes this kind of attention.

People might argue that pain does not whisper, but I can assure you it did at some point. That job you don’t like has transformed into digestive issues, something you can no longer stomach. That headache might have roots in the sharp words spoken to you during a fight long ago, but we often don’t notice until there’s pain or another problem. 

I recently took a road trip that required long days of driving. When I finally got out of the car my body felt like I was still in it. It disrupted my sleep. My legs felt so stiff and at the same time a vibration could be felt. I was tired. I didn’t want to work on myself, so I ignored it. 

The trip kept me busy and working on myself wasn’t a priority until it was time to sleep and my body still felt like it was back in the car. The next day I made time for my body. I sat still and let it show me what needed to be dealt with issue by issue. A combination of visualizations and energy healing finally cleared the unwanted sensations.  It probably took thirty minutes or less to get my body back to normal. Sleep returned that night. 

You don’t need to be a bodyworker to do this. You simply need to be still long enough to let your body speak. Taking a few moments to notice new sensations can be all that’s needed for a shift to occur. Catching things early is a great way to minimize pain. The hardest part is learning to sit still. Let the stillness captivate you like a whisper captivates a baby.