Sunday Energy Healing

Last night before going to bed my husband asked if I would work on him soon. He’s been feeling out of sorts. He didn’t have to tell me this. His behavior gave it away. He’s been distracted and forgetful. He can’t find the words he wants during conversation, but doing healing work on loved ones can be challenging. If I suggested the treatment he might have been annoyed. It’s better to wait until he’s ready, and he was ready. 

An overcast sky and a cold March day made the heated massage table that much more inviting. My husband nestled right in, wasting no time getting comfortable. 

A sense of static filled my hands as I approached his head. Yes, that’s energy, but this was chaotic as well. Going deeper things slowed down and then came to a stop. There was a sense of heaviness and restriction. It would take awhile to clear the blocks. This is basically how the entire treatment went. I felt the energy, then waited for corrections to be made. Some were easy. Others were more challenging.  

When I finished the treatment I asked my husband what he noticed as I worked on him. The words he chose made me smile as he related the experience to his job. “There was this drill bit lookn’ thing, but it was very light, like aluminum…” The images made sense to him and that’s all that matters. He spoke of the color purple, a tunnel of light with layers, which he related to the bedroom blinds, and more. I found it all fascinating. I always do, but I also wanted to know how his physical body felt. Were his thoughts clearer? He was happy with the results. He often feels lighter after a session. His speech was better too. He was no longer stumbling to find his words. Energy healing isn’t just good for the body, it’s also good for the marriage.

Happy Sunday.