What’s One Thing You Can Change Today?

What’s one thing you can change today to improve your health? Think small. I’m serious. What’s one thing you can change today that easily fits into your life? Is it having one less cup of coffee? Can you swap vending machine snacks with nuts or fruit you brought from home? How about sleep? Can you start going to bed earlier? There are plenty of small changes to choose from. Chances are the idea that came to you first is the one you need to act on. Taking the smallest step today can add up to positive health changes sooner than you might expect. 

I’ve been there.

Five years ago I got really tired of failing. Nothing I seemed to do in terms of diet and exercise worked. I was heavy, weighing just over two hundred pounds. I thought about how I could change in a way that was different from what I had already tried. 

I needed a fresh start.

The idea that popped into my mind surprised me. I was so hard on myself, and that was problem number one. My idea of health was outdated. It was centered around restrictions, all the stuff I couldn’t have. I also thought I had to exercise to the point of exhaustion to be effective. That’s not true either. 

I did something radical.

I changed my mindset. Instead of taking something away, or doing yet another spin class I would keep it simple by adding greens to my diet every day. That might not sound fun or exciting, but it proved to be the gateway for big changes to come. I started with a green powder supplement. It was easy. I could blend it in with smoothies or mix it with water. I can’t say I loved it, but it worked. I made a commitment to have something green every day and this made me feel successful. Pretty soon I realized my food choices in general were getting an upgrade. Vegetables started filling my shopping cart. A few months later I did a sugar detox. 

A note on the sugar detox:

That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I would have eaten a dirty marshmallow off the floor had I found one, but I stuck to it because being healthy was my priority. It turns out I wanted good health more than sugar, and the simple commitment of having something green every day kept me on track. 

Today’s lifestyle is hard.

There are too many choices. We are told to think big, make big changes, and to see ourselves succeeding. The concept is well intended, but it can be overwhelming. Revamping your entire life for a goal isn’t realistic. Join a gym. Get a trainer. Quit coffee. Cut out sugar. Go raw. Be a vegan. Basically change everything and do it today if you want to be successful. Ummm…What? 

Pick one thing.

Make it small. Do something that’s easy. Start there. Walk that path until the next logical step appears. And don’t forget to talk nice to yourself either. 

I found success.

I lost a solid twenty-five pounds. It’s not my goal weight, but that’s okay too. I’ve maintained it for several years now by simply following the next step. Sometimes I slip. My weight goes up and my energy level dips, but it’s short-lived. I’ve successfully woven positive changes into my life and sticking to them has become easier over time. 

It’s your turn.

What’s one thing you can change today to improve your health? Take that step. You deserve all good things.