Have You Pooped Today?

I admit it, writing that title felt uncomfortable, but the truth is we all must go number two. Another truth is that we are happier people when we do it regularly, so what’s the problem? Why are so many people constipated?

I cannot even begin to guess how many massage clients whispered the words, “Can you do anything about constipation?”

Massage therapy and energy work can assist with digestive function along with chiropractic care and acupuncture. I’ve had positive experiences with all of them, but the effects can be short-term in you don’t address the source of the problem, which is often diet related.

We are busy folks in a pill-happy era, supplements included. You have to be actively involved in dietary changes and pills and powders seem so much easier, but supplements aren’t regulated and you might not be getting what you pay for.

Fiber is not sexy but let’s talk about it anyway.

When I worked in a natural health store people often came in looking for constipation relief in the form of bulk fiber. I was always hesitant about those purchases. Fiber without plenty of water is only going to make things worse. Let’s not forget about incorporating some exercise and good lubrication, like flaxseed.

When it comes to fiber I like to get mine from food, and nothing has done a better job of keeping me regular than sprouted beans.

It might sound like more work than you are willing to do, but it’s easier than you might think. I buy my sprouts from Sprout People. They have kits and offer all the supplies you need to get started, but honestly if you have a canning jar you can start with that. I ordered jars because of the wire lids that make rinsing a breeze. I’m not being compensated for linking to them. I flat out love their products and want to share.

Step one: Buy beans. I have garbanzo beans in the jar pictured below. I combined them with adzuki bean sprouts once they sprouted.

Step two: Soak the beans. Sprout People offer easy to follow instructions on soak times, how often to rinse and when they are ready to eat.

Step three: Rinse the beans

Step four: Watch them grow tails.

Step five: Eat and enjoy! They are packed with fiber and protein making them a great snack.

Sprouts are living foods rich in enzymes which are needed for proper digestion. Processing strips food of enzymes adding yet another problem.

There are many other things you can do to assist with normal bowel function. Carbs in the form of grains slow me down. Potatoes do too. White flour products are out. Meat is hard to digest. Processed food which is available in the bulk of the center aisles at the grocery story are a burden to the body, so what can you eat??? Opt for fresh, whole foods. You can’t go wrong with fruits and veggies. Drink plenty of water, and last but not least, eat your beans!