My Experience With Colon Hydrotherapy

A Place of Healing

My life did an about-face in the summer of 2005. I went from being a homeowner, employed in the financial industry, in conservative North Dakota to an unemployed student at a well known massage school in the high desert of New Mexico. I didn’t even know what colon hydrotherapy was, but I would soon find out.

The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics was the school I attended. It is often shortened to NMSNT, but a quick-witted classmate came up with her own name, Enemas and Tea. It matches the acronym and it’s fitting. I like it.

Colon hydrotherapy was an additional class outside of the standard curriculum. I had no intention of signing up. Working on sleeping naked people covered only by a sheet was enough to get used to, but I still heard about it and how wonderful colonics were. I was encouraged by multiple classmates to give it a try. One in particular wouldn’t let it go. He told me I had a lot of fear and a colonic would help. Fear is the negative emotion of the root chakra. The idea of addressing emotional issues appealed to me more than physically removing waste. I made an appointment.

The night before the colonic I had a dream that bordered on horrific. There was dungeon. Body parts were chained to the wall. I saw a torso, and separate limbs dangling from shackles. They were old, with dried blood, and grotesque.

My heart raced as I met the colon therapist, but she was kind, unassuming, and humble. Her eyes calmed me as she gently touched my forehead with essential oils to help me relax. I was scared, and I didn’t try to hide it. I was about to be flushed out with 15 to 20 gallons of water. There was fear for multiple reasons, and shear embarrassment for having to expose my most private parts.

I already had a general idea of the mechanics. I would lay on a massage table. The water worked on gravity and was on the wall above me. A device was inserted into my rectum. Water flowed into my intestines and at the therapist’s discretion waste flowed out, in a tube, with no smell. Thank the Lord.

It was uncomfortable, not awful, but I still didn’t like the feeling. I was aware of the water in my body. There was a lot of movement, expansion, and some pressure. The temperature of the water alternated between warm and cold to aid in the process. When we were nearly finished I told the therapist I felt a rush of warmth which she was excited to hear. She said my cecum dumped, something uncommon for a first-timer. Suddenly I felt like a high achiever. I was told to use the bathroom after I got dressed and was surprised that I had to go some more.

Evening had come. I was incredibly tired and anxious to go home. I was sitting at a large intersection in Albuquerque, waiting for the light to turn, when I felt a deep rumble in my intestines. I swallowed hard. Sweat beads quickly formed. I stared to bargain with the light, soon pleading with it to turn green. I had to go now! Mercifully the light changed. Home was a few blocks away. I leapt out of the car, fumbled with my house keys and ran down the hallway. I have never been so happy to see a toilet. I slept great that night. I felt relaxed in a way that was completely new.

It was break time at the school the following morning when a classmate who could see auras approached me. “What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Your aura is lighter today.”

I started laughing. “I had a colonic last night, so I guess I am lighter.”

He joined my laughter and concluded by saying, “There is always so much heaviness surrounding you. It’s nice to see the colors.”

Heaviness. I understood. Heartbreak caused the about-face. Heartbreak had been plaguing me for a couple of years. I thought about my dreams the night before the colonic and took them to represent the things I was getting rid of. It was the emotional component of the colonic, the stuff I couldn’t process on my own. Physically I felt great, refreshed. My allergies improved too.

I have gone on to have other colonics. I still hold fast to my opinion. I don’t like the experience, but I appreciate the results I get.

My advice is this; find a therapist you are comfortable with. Don’t settle for the one that’s available. It is so important to feel at ease. Trust is of the utmost importance. Who knows, colon hydrotherapy might be just the answer you are looking for.