Five Reasons Why I Don’t Color My Hair

Sure it’s fun. I’ve indulged in the process more than I can count. I’ve had magenta hair, (before that was even a thing). I’ve colored my hair black, chestnut, brown, red, blue and my favorite, purple. I’ve also highlighted it, and when your hair is nearly black this is no quick process. Can you smell the chemicals yet?

1. Chemicals

The primary reason I choose not to color my hair is chemical exposure. It’s toxic, but there still seems to be a disconnect about the things we put on our skin and the effects that can have on our health even though this information isn’t new.

When I dyed my hair at home I followed the instructions. Don’t rub into scalp. I thought this made it okay, but it turns out that was shallow advice. The truth is what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body to be filtered by your liver. There is no bypass route. If you think I’m exaggerating put a clove of garlic between your toes and see how long it takes to reach your tastebuds. It’s one system.

Yes, I’ve tried henna. It worked, but it was also incredibly time consuming, not to mention the fact I smelled like the barn for several days afterward. I was told it had an earthy smell, one I quickly associated with processed alfalfa coming from the hindquarters of a cow. I’ve spent time in a barn. I know this smell.

2. I love my liver

When I was in massage school I asked my roommate, an anesthesiologist, what Western medicine did to promote liver health. He was stumped. “I don’t know,” he said. “But your screwed if it’s gone.”

That was disappointing, but telling. I’ve had people say they don’t drink or do drugs so they have a healthy liver. They don’t stop to consider the toxic load put on it every day through normal living.

Forgive me. I was a teenager in the 80’s and this song comes to mind when I think about liver health. Ya just Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) Cheesy association yes, but still true.

Moving on to the third reason why I don’t color my hair.

3. Quality time

I am not a big fan of sitting in a chair for hours getting my hair done. Some call it pampering. I call it suffering. The same goes for coloring my hair at home. I simply have other things I would rather do with my time.

4. Money

Getting your hair colored on a regular basis is expensive. I would rather take that money and get a massage.

5. Fall is my favorite season.

I have always loved fall, the cool crisp days, the pumpkins and the colors! Spending time among the trees as they show off their brilliant splendor never gets old.

I am in the fall season of my life. Things are changing and my hair is a reflection of that. The silver streaks are becoming more pronounced. I love it! All stages of life have something beautiful to offer, and I’m not going to miss it by covering it up.