In May 2005 the thought of attending massage school entered my mind.  In August I was there, seventeen hours from home.  I knew I was coming back to my roots especially in the natural therapeutics classes.  My parents were farm kids.  Their parents had been through the great depression.  They knew simple effective ways to keep health balanced and they passed it on to me, like cut up potatoes on the forehead to bring a fever down.  This type of folk medicine was reiterated in the classroom.

The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics taught me far more than massage.  We had an extensive curriculum that included; polarity therapy, herbal remedies, homeopathy, an intro to Chinese medicine, flower remedies, and more.  I practiced massage for a number of years before expanding to include core synchronism.

In 2012 I followed my instincts and attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America which allowed me to make the connection between what we believe and how that affects our experience, specifically in regard to the body and healing.

Over the years my favorite treatment evolved into something I call hypno-core; energy healing mixed with hypnotherapy techniques to bring greater understanding and healing to the client.

In the summer of 2016 I closed my massage practice to allow my own body to have a much needed rest.  I currently see clients on a part-time basis, mostly for core synchronism, while also working at a natural health store.  Every day there is something to learn and I appreciate all the stories I hear about how people have healed themselves.

The next step I feel compelled to take expands my ever-growing interest in nutrition.  I am a juicing, alkalizing, proactive health fanatic, and it feels good.DSC_8073

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