AdorationMy first honest experience with meditation was during adoration, or as I liked to call it – date night with God. I was undergoing a spiritual transformation of sorts. Our parish priest, a gifted orator, provided the push I needed to commit to spending an hour a week in church. Eucharistic Adoration requires that someone be present at all times while the Eucharistic is exposed.That meant I couldn’t skip. No excuses were allowed. I signed a sheet of paper that made me responsible for that time. How I spent that time was up to me. I didn’t realize it would include meditation.

My idea of meditation was sitting cross-legged on a hard floor. I imagined it to be uncomfortable. I imagined it would be hard. I imagined I had to think of nothing, and I knew I wasn’t capable of that. I used my time to pray. I was mindful not to use the grocery list style of prayer, God I want…or please give me… I wanted a conversation. I wanted to feel God and receive insight. 

The pew was hard. Kneeling felt better until that hurt too. I sat. I kneeled. I prayed. I waited. The following week I came back to do the same thing all over again. Changes were subtle. I felt more peaceful about those quiet spaces when I wasn’t praying. I started enjoying the void. There was no sense of urgency competing for attention. My commitment was to be in the church, and I was already there. That golden insight started to come. I was excited for more. I quickly learned that the good stuff was in the quiet spaces. I got good at decision making. One of those decisions was a biggie.

In 2005 I sold my house, quit my job (with benefits), and moved a thousand miles away to attend massage school.

Open Road

I didn’t want to become a massage therapist. I wanted to become a core synchronism practitioner. The man who founded core synchronism taught at the New Mexico of Natural Therapeutics. I wanted to know him.

My experience there was life changing. I found out I was an empath. I was now sensing with a purpose. I learned to tell the difference between my energy and that of others. I felt accepted and understood. I belonged.

I had a successful career as a massage therapist for eleven years that included many hard lessons and pitfalls.

I became a certified core synchronism practitioner, and went on to study hypnosis. I resonated with a body awareness technique, and used that in conjunction with energy healing. I called those hypno-core sessions. They were very fun interactive treatments.

Hypnotherapy Academy

The pull to teach has taken me away from the therapy room. I still do some energy healing, but even that can be done via distance. I haven’t studied quantum physics, and I can’t explain how energy works, but I can tell you when I am in the mindset of healing, and all that has to offer, it is easy for me to tune into another person’s energy. I prefer distance treatments to traditional sessions where my client is on the table because distance treatments are all about the energy. In-person treatments offer many distractions in the way of comfort for both myself and the client.

Distance treatments allow me to focus on the energy body.

Patterns and currents tell a story. My intention directs my hands. My hands make corrections on a body I have imagined to be the size of a pillow. I never get tired of hearing my client, on the other end of the phone, describing sensations they feel as I work.

Life, with all of its twists and turns, has brought me to this point. I am an empath, an energy healer, a meditation instructor, a body awareness coach, and a teacher. How can I help you?