I Fell Out of Balance. Now What?

If you and a friend have ever performed a balancing act on a teeter totter you know that even the most subtle movements can throw you off, and so it is with life. This summer I fell out of balance in every area of my life and now I am going to begin the art … Continue reading I Fell Out of Balance. Now What?

Ten Tips for Reducing Anxiety Naturally

People are more anxious than ever. It would seem that anxiety has become a way of life. If that's true then we need to look at our daily habits and routines and start making adjustments. There are things to add and probably more to take away. Ten tips for reducing anxiety are things I have … Continue reading Ten Tips for Reducing Anxiety Naturally

A Lesson On Grounding

I am quickly remembering who I am. I didn't think I needed that, but maybe I do. I am remembering through my senses, vibration and energy. Public transit is harsh that way: homelessness, mental illness, business suits and brief cases. You see it all from the window. Some of it comes within feet. That's the … Continue reading A Lesson On Grounding