Energy Healing for the Thyroid

I was surprised at how much emotion affected the energy of my thyroid. The throat chakra is about communication which is also the area of the thyroid. Knowing this and sensing this turned out to be two very different things.


The Hidden Part of Healing

My husband accidentally hung himself as a child. He remembers slipping the rope around his neck then coming to on the floor with family members crying around him. He tells the story with a sense of detachment. “It was easy,” he said.

Taking Anxiety One Step At a Time

Sometimes nature gives timely reminders about the order of things, but I wasn't thinking about that when I grabbed my camera to catch a few shots of the fog. I wasn't thinking about anxiety either, but that came too. The perfect picture was always just a few more steps away, and soon I had ventured … Continue reading Taking Anxiety One Step At a Time