Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account

I deactivated my Facebook account last week. I thought I would struggle. I haven’t. Instead of feeling disconnected I feel blessed, a blessing that has always been within my grasp. This has been a revelation of sorts. It was easy. It was free, and it was mine to take.


I Fell Out of Balance. Now What?

If you and a friend have ever performed a balancing act on a teeter totter you know that even the most subtle movements can throw you off, and so it is with life. This summer I fell out of balance in every area of my life and now I am going to begin the art … Continue reading I Fell Out of Balance. Now What?

Donuts and Green Juice

I was nearly thirty-five when I went to massage school. I had been a credit union employee for several years at that point.  My roots were in North Dakota.  I was raised on the family farm in the heart of cattle country. Self-care wasn't exactly taught.  Sit down and rest for a few minutes was … Continue reading Donuts and Green Juice